Kristen Poe

Functional Medicine practitioner and Naprapathic doctor

Dr. Kristen Poe has been an advisor and affiliate for the Healthy Stuff team since 2022. Her role includes keeping up to date with new tests that we conduct, advising us on the US markets, and writing helpful content for the group.

Kristen is a Functional Medical Practitioner and Naprapathic doctor and has a bachelor's degree in Psychology as well as a PhD and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Alternative Medicine. Kristen owns a private practice POE Holistic and is the co-owner of a health and wellness business with a renowned award-winning Chef Alina Eisenhauer called The Doc and Chef.

Driven by her tireless commitment to improving the wellness of others, Dr. Poe is constantly seeking knowledge and remains a lifelong student. Aside from her professional career, she cherishes quality time with her family, practices martial arts, spends time at the beach, and expresses her passion for music by playing the violin.