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If you are starting to experience headaches and feeling nauseous then it is possible that you have an intolerance. Intolerance symptoms present themselves whenever your body tries to digest or ingest an item but is unable to do so. This often occurs because you have overindulged on a certain item or have been exposed to it. For many of us, this may mean that we are suffering from caffeine intolerance. Find out if you are suffering from caffeine intolerance by ordering an intolerance test here

Why are you suffering from caffeine intolerance?

A food intolerance, also known as a food sensitivity can literally cause you pain and discomfort. They are much more common than you think, especially if your diet is not varied and unhealthy. Food intolerance is far more common than food allergy, and often unidentified as people don’t think much of the symptoms. But, if you have a headache or a bloated stomach, then you may be experiencing these symptoms as a result of caffeine intolerance. Remember, the item(s) that are causing your intolerance can be hard to pin down because symptoms can occur up to 72 hours later.

How can an intolerance test help?

An intolerance test can help you to manage your symptoms of caffeine intolerance. Many people know about allergies and intolerances to the most common items, including peanuts, shellfish, and milk, but not everyone knows that they may have an intolerance to caffeine. The best way to find out is by ordering an intolerance test from Sensitivity Check and this will tell you exactly what items you are intolerant to. It may be that even though your symptoms occur every time you have that morning cup of coffee (or three), you actually are intolerant to other items, whether it be milk or another part of your diet that you did not even realise. If you are found to have a caffeine intolerance, then it is a simple process, as you simply remove caffeine from your diet. Get your intolerance test here.

Removing caffeine from your diet

It may sound hard, but it could be the best thing you ever do! Many people attempt an elimination diet without doing an intolerance test and they often find it laborious and also a waste of time as it is guesswork. However, if you are shown to have a caffeine intolerance, then you know that is caffeine that you need to eliminate. No more energy drinks, no more morning coffees, and no more tea! Again, this sounds horrible but it could see your symptoms subside and leave you feeling on top of the world.

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This article was written by Donna, our Nutritionist / Care Manager

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