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You’ve spent the weekend reveling in the winter fun! Whether it be sipping on cocktails, savoring sweet treats and grazing cheese platters at parties, many of us would have had a BIG weekend. This isn’t a major issue but there are some things that you should watch out for, including the symptoms of food intolerance.

How you feeling after the weekend?

It is Monday/Tuesday morning, and your big weekend of cheat eating and not watching what is going into your body has left you feeling lethargic and guilty. However, there is no point in lingering over the regret of food intolerance. Instead, focus on the changes you can make today to get your health back on track. By paying attention to one’s body and eating the right nutritious foods, it is possible to find a balance. Take note of how to detoxify sugar: This is what a nutritional therapist would suggest you consume after a heavy weekend.

Sugar (In moderation)

You should watch out when you are eating sugary sweets and treats as it may leave you feeling worse, especially if you suspect that you have a food intolerance to a sugary snack. Sugar can give you an energy boost, but can also hurt your teeth and leave you with a bloated stomach.

Immediately after eating sweet treats, your body feels a surge of well-being hormones known as dopamine, and you experience a feeling of euphoria similar to the consumption of certain drugs. When you eat too much sugar, your body releases insulin, a hormone that works to remove sugar from the blood, to stabilize your blood sugar.

Skipping breakfast causes you more harm than good. You should always eat breakfast and start your morning right with a balanced and delicious breakfast. You should aim for a low-sugar breakfast with healthy proteins and fats. One of our favourites here at Sensitivity Check is sliced avocados along with something like boiled eggs!

What should you eat to help you cope with a food intolerance?

The good stuff: If you have a food intolerance and are looking to eat healthily, you should eat fish, raw nuts and vegetables. This is because you will need a lot of fibre to cleanse your body, as this will help your body to slowly digest foods such as healthy proteins and fats to satisfy you and prevent your blood sugar from rising.

Coping with Alcohol

Now, we are not saying you should stop consuming alcohol altogether, but you should consume it in moderation. Similar to food intolerance, an alcohol intolerance can leave you with a bloated stomach as well as a headache and various other intolerance symptoms. The effects of excessive consumption should not be taken lightly, similar to that of food intolerance and it may leave you feeling like you have a hangover when actually you are experiencing the side effects of alcohol intolerance.

Trying to cure an alcohol intolerance: Rebalancing the body

The next day, a headache and tremors suggest that you have to rebalance your body. To do this, you can drink lots of coconut water and replenish your electrolytes. Drinking too much alcohol can often leave you feeling dehydrated and tired, so try and load up on proteins. It is usually important to eat lots of vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

Feeling better? Feeling like you may have an alcohol or a food intolerance after overindulging? Don’t worry, our customer service advisors here at Sensitivity Check are always here to help. Just log on to and get that one step closer to health.

This article was written by Donna, our Nutritionist / Care Manager

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