Stay Fit And Beat Bloat During The Women's World Cup

As the excitement of the Women’s World Cup begins to unfold, we understand the desire to stay fit and healthy as the tournament develops! If you find yourself struggling to beat the bloat and achieve your fitness goals, consider these five tips tailored to the Women’s World Cup:

1) Mix up your exercise

While your cheering for your country, it’s important to mix up your exercise routines. Consistently repeating the same exercises could halt your progress as your body adapts to the routine. To keep on theme with the Women’s World Cup, why not try some of the warm-up routines the players do before a game? alternatively, you could consider joining a football team or practising your skills in the park. If you are still not seeing any difference regarding your bloat, then you may want to consider an intolerance test.

2) Be consistent in what you eat

The dedication that the players show on the pitch, is no different to their dedication when it comes to their dieting! Consistency is key to each and every player’s success, and sticking to a diet that nourishes their body and fuels their workouts. Finding out a diet that works for you can done with a sensitivity test, which will help you avoid those foods that may be causing issues such as bloat. With the right diet in place, you’ll be able to enjoy the Women’s World Cup stress-free

3) Zzzzzzzzz

Do you need another excuse to get more sleep? No? Well, you have one anyway! Snoozing means winning, and the more sleep you get, the more refreshed and rejuvenated you will feel. For the athletes to perform at their very best both on and off the field, quality of sleep is a huge factor. Alongside a sensitivity test, making sure you get the best amount of sleep possible is extremely beneficial. This is because sleep can control your diet, as well as repair your muscles. The Women’s World Cup might be full of late-night matches, so aim to catch up on rest whenever possible to keep your body and mind in peak condition.

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4) Plan for the future

To stay on track with your fitness goals during the Women’s World Cup excitement, create a well-structured exercise plan. If you don’t prepare your daily exercise routine, then the chances are you will not feel the benefits of your exercise. You could organise your workouts around the scheduled matches so you have enough time for both your fitness routine and your passion for the matches!

5) Watch what you eat

Yes, it may sound hard and boring but a diet is extremely beneficial when it comes to losing weight. Especially if you have food intolerances! You should embrace a mindful eating approach during the Women’s World Cup, choose nutrient-dense foods that support your fitness goals and avoid those that may cause bloating or discomfort.

Watch the Women’s World Cup in style with sensitivity check

As the Women’s World Cup unfolds, let the tournament inspire you to make positive change’s in your fitness goals and lifestyle. By implementing a few of these tips you should be on your way to beating bloat and achieving a healthier fitter version of yourself! To celebrate the tournament we’re offering an exclusive discount when you use code WWC80 (expires 23/07/2023). Take the first steps to improve your lifestyle with a sensitivity test, and discover lifestyle changes you could start improving today!

This article was written by Donna, our Nutritionist / Care Manager

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