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The study says that around 90% of people who have some kind of food sensitivity or allergy are not aware of them. The reason for not being able to understand whether they have a food intolerance or not is that they are not facing the symptoms extensively.

But, if there are any chances that you may be developing food sensitivity in the near future, then your body must be showing some signs. If you are alert enough, you won’t miss them.

Here are four hidden signs that you are developing food sensitivity:

  1. You feel addicted to some food

If you feel like you cannot live without eating a particular type of food at a particular time of the day, you may be developing sensitivity towards that food.

  1. You are not able to lose weight

If in spite of following a strict diet and doing regular work out you are not able to lose weight, then your body may be reacting to inflammation caused by food sensitivity.

  1. You are facing health issues

You follow a strict diet and not eat anything unhealthy, but still, you have various health issues. In this case, you may be taking the wrong food. Even the healthiest food can be harmful to your body if you have a food sensitivity.

  1. Symptoms of Fever is no more seasonal

Symptoms of fever, like a runny nose, dry eyes or sinus congestion remain throughout the year.

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This article was written by Kate, our Lab Manager

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